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This small scale study aimed to explore and establish if support strategies implemented to enhance student ePortfolios were helpful to students and to identify useful ways of supporting ePortfolio development with future cohorts of students. This action research study was informed through focus group discussion and individual interviews with students.

The importance of reflection for the development professional practice and of creative abilities is discussed. The substantial benefits of creativity within education are investigated and characteristics of creativity that might be developed with students’ ePortfolios are revealed. Specifically this paper seeks to foster Crafts (2011) four characteristics of creativity, pluralities, playfulness, possibilities and participation within ePortfolios, through student engagement with multimedia and peer-learning.

Findings describe how support strategies were perceived by students and if the activities were supportive of reflection and creativity. Recommendations for the future support of the ePortfolio will involve an increase in support for peer-learning; more support on reflective writing; workshops on developing artefacts with multimedia; exploration of meaning and characteristics of creativity with students.