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The theme of my Master’s by research is an investigation into the condition and effects of dyslexia on one’s personality, academic experience and professional growth. I wish to examine and acknowledge the effects dyslexia has on an individual’s ability to learn and grow in a “typical” twenty-first-century society. I intend also to highlight the emotional impact this disability can have on a person’s sense of self and how they develop through childhood. I hope to demonstrate the link dyslexia has in fostering a visual form of thinking and expression. I also hope to evaluate how one’s dyslexia reveals itself in so many ways in everyday tasks one performs as an active participant in society. I am now in my fifties and have spent most of my life hiding my dyslexia from those around me. The reason for this is that hated the feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy it caused. No one likes making mistakes, but it was especially traumatic in my early childhood as I grew up in a time in Ireland when there was an ignorance in our educational system when it came to informed knowledge around neurodiversity disabilities, such as dyslexia. Therefore, in order to do this research I am choosing to use myself and my experiences as a type of autoethnographic case study. Autoethnographic research is about giving an individual the opportunity to deeply and meaningfully reflect on their own story, in order to better understand, know and interpret their personal and cultural experiences. Thus, it is a research methodology that helps me explore myself. Consequently, I will be an active participant in analysing the impact of dyslexia on my education and personal life, while also demonstrating the link to my creative abilities as a graphic designer, typographer, photographer and fine art printmaker. It will explore the impact, limitations and advantages that dyslexia have brought into my life and career.