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Academic and Special Libraries (A&SL) Conference 2017


DIT Library Aungier St. are using Mailchimp to engage first-year undergraduates with their Information Literacy (IL) programme and also to market and promote Library staff and services. Library staff have developed Library Learning which consists of 10 scheduled, tailored and branded mailouts sent throughout the first academic year. Mailouts are authored by library staff in collaboration with academic staff, the academic calendar, and course content. Student supports such as the Academic Writing Centre are also promoted. Library Learning came about as DIT looked at the overall first-year experience. Student induction is moving from a once off event to a yearlong process and experience. Library Learning allows us to deliver information to the students throughout the academic year in a format that facilitates asynchronous learning and supports our existing IL program. The mailouts allow us to promote our on and off-campus support services and places us among the community of supports available to them within DIT. Instead of waiting for the student to visit the Library in person or online, we are reaching out to the student. The mailouts reach the student at a time that is relevant to their needs. Now the Library is wherever the student is.