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Conference Paper


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Computer Sciences, Information Science

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2019 IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec)


Anti-virus (AV) software is effective at distinguishing between benign and malicious programs yet lack the ability to effectively classify malware into their respective family classes. AV vendors receive considerably large volumes of malicious programs daily and so classification is crucial to quickly identify variants of existing malware that would otherwise have to be manually examined. This paper proposes a novel method of visualizing and classifying malware using Space-Filling Curves (SFC's) in order to improve the limitations of AV tools. The classification models produced were evaluated on previously unseen samples and showed promising results, with precision, recall and accuracy scores of 82%, 80% and 83% respectively. Furthermore, a comparative assessment with previous research and current AV technologies revealed that the method presented her was robust, outperforming most commercial and open-source AV scanner software programs.