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Computer Sciences

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In Proceedings of the 19th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research


This poster describes the early development of a K-12 outreach model, named CSinc, to promote CS in Ireland. It has already been piloted with over 4500 K-12 students in its first year. At the heart of the model is a two-hour camp that incorporates an on-site school delivery. Schools from all over Ireland self-selected to participate, including male only, female only and mixed schools. The no-cost nature of the model meant a range of schools participated from officially designated "disadvantaged" to private fee-paying. During the initial deployment over 2500 pre- and post- surveys have been collected. This data will allow for further model improvement and validation. A positive initial outcome was the balance of male and female participants, 46:54 respectively. This poster describes the model structure in detail and outlines early findings.