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ITiCSE '19: Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education


There has been a growing interest and increase in work shared about national K-12 Computer Science Education (CSED) curriculum and implementation efforts around the world. Much of this work focuses on curriculum analysis, country reports, experience reports and case studies. The K-12 CSED community would benefit from an international strategic effort to compare, contrast and monitor K-12 CSED over time, across multiple countries and regions, to understand pedagogy, practice, resources and experiences from the perspective of teachers working in classrooms. Furthermore, there is a need for validated and robust instruments that can support comparable investigations into the current state of K-12 CSED in schools around the world. Through a collaborative effort, this Working Group will develop a validated teacher survey instrument and collect data about CSED implementation and practice in K-12 classrooms. The authors will pilot the survey with K-12 teacher cohorts and analyse, compare and contrast survey findings across countries.