This paper discusses the issues and motivations surrounding the design and development of an adaptive e-Learning facility. The problem facing developers is the deliverance of high quality educational opportunities via the web that are equivalent or even better than face-to-face classes. Because of rapid developments in the information and communications technologies with regard to on-line distance education it is possible to improve the quality of the system deliverance This is where the concept of using individual learning styles is adhered to. If a system is designed where the individual learning style of the student is discovered, the system can then be designed to best suit them. By implementing such a design students can learn in a manner they prefer therefore leading to an increased willingness to learn. Learning styles will be determined through questionnaires. Once these styles are determined it is possible to design appropriate system modules for them This paper discusses the relevance of learning styles and system design of computer education to prove the question "Is there a link between student learning styles and successful online learning" and "Is the design and development of an adaptive e-learning system an effective eLearning environment". This is at present a work in progress.



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