This paper aims to present an analysis of the precore slot [PrCS] in Icelandic within the theory of Role and Reference Grammar [RRG] (cf. Van Valin 2005). Based on the analysis of the PrCS in German by Diedrichsen (2008), an analysis of simple main declarative active voice sentences in Icelandic will be presented. The topological model of Danish sentence structure developed by Diderichsen (1945, 1964), which was adopted for Icelandic in Thráinsson (2007), will be used to analyze the layered structure of the clause [LSC] in Icelandic. It will be shown that the PrCS in V2-languages, such as Icelandic, has a special status and certain important aspects of the V2-phenomenon in Icelandic will be investigated. As will become clear during the course of this paper, the front position in these sentences can be equated with the RRG-notion of the PrCS. In Icelandic, different readings of modal verbs indicate the position before the finite verb should be regarded as core-external position due to the operator scope. It will therefore be assumed that an PrCS is obligatory in main declarative sentences in Icelandic.



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