The ability to track objects in real time offers a wide range of beneficial applications that include safety, security and the supply chain. The problem with location based systems is that they can be inconvenient and time-consuming to locate an object. A user has to access a computer and log onto a location system to locate an object. There are several problems with current location determination interfaces. Firstly a user has to log on to a computer; this can be inconvenient and time consuming as the user may have to locate a computer (which may be in another area of a building) and then log onto the system. The user has to look at a map that is displayed on screen to see where the object is located; the problem with this is that the user could make a mistake by looking at the wrong object or the wrong area of the building. Incorporating a voice control function into the system can solve interaction problems with some location based systems. This paper provides an overview of integrating voiceXML with an indoor location positioning system to locate objects through voice commands.