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The discussion of tour-guide training, which started in the 1990s in Türkiye has been taken up in the associated literature more than in any other country. No studies were previously carried out, however, to place the nearly-30-year-prolonged discussions in a historical framework and evaluate them. Yet, understanding the evolution of such training-related discussions has the potential to lead to remarkably useful information for future analyses of the subject. The purpose of the present research is to provide an overall evaluation of the literature about tourguide training in Türkiye. To this end, the literature was reviewed, and the issues addressed as well as the solutions proposed by the relevant studies were identified. The findings reveal that most of the major issues brought up in the early scholarship are still pertinent. They also indicate that the problems in tour-guide training have not subsided; on the contrary, those problems have increasingly varied in the meantime. Based on this judgment, the question of which philosophical and educational bases tour-guide training should be built upon has emerged as a significant matter of concern for future research, and some topics that need to be pursued have been determined.





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