This article clearly establishes identifiers of halal tourism in Aceh, emphasising the three aspects of evaluation: government, local community and enterprise (hotel, travel, and halal food entrepreneurs). It explores and expands on various issues that emerge in the field related to halal tourism in Aceh from different perspectives, focusing on identifying the main problems and providing solutions to those problems. The article also determines and proposes a halal tourism development strategy based on expert insight. The article opted for a comprehensive study using qualitative and quantitative approaches, including in-depth interviews and expert group discussions with the local tourism board, academics, community leaders, hotel entrepreneurs, culinary and travel entrepreneurs, and tourists representing halal tourism stakeholders. This research uses data from research questionnaires, compiled under the Analytic Network Process (ANP) method, using SuperDecission as the data processing tool. The article provides empirical insights about halal tourism in Aceh, which focuses on the root issues, the outcome of solutions, and the determination of a strategy for future development. Government-related issues are the main priority, followed by community and then business related issues. The rules of implementation regarding halal tourism in Aceh have not reached the community. Therefore, socialisation, communication, and massive promotion efforts by the central and local governments are essential. By implementing a functional synergy between government, businesses and local community in Aceh, halal tourism goals can be realised.

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