The tomb of Sheikh Quro Karawang attracts many visitors for religious tourism. The visitors, called pilgrims in the context of this study, have different motivations or purposes and reasons. This study aims to determine the motivation of the pilgrims to conduct religious tourism to the Tomb of Sheikh Quro. To do this, descriptive survey research is undertaken in association with quantitative methods. The data were collected using questionnaires and observation in addition to the study of documentation, and expert interviews. The study results reveal that various motives encourage pilgrims to come to this region, this includes both religious and traditional motives: seeking blessings; achieving desired outcomes; motives related to warding off misfortune and distress, and; motivations related to obtaining supernatural powers. Travellers perform unique rituals, praying by using offerings and sacred water. In conclusion, it was found that the pilgrims who visit the tomb of Sheikh Quro have a range of different motivations and these are attached to their purposes and reasons.

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