This paper discusses and explores empirical and personal insights into religious tourism and pilgrimage, exploring it from a Muslim pilgrims’ perspective, reflecting on characterisations and motivations and discussing the sacred Journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the Holy Mosque (Makkah) to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Travel is important for Muslims. Indeed, it was during the journey of Miraj that Allah ordered Muslims to pray the five daily prayers.

The concept of Islam is not merely praising Allah (SWT). Islam also means to serve society according to the directions of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of his final Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). Islam strongly prohibits divisiveness of community or society in terms of sociological groups, racism and sectarianism. Thus, the main purpose of Muslim visitors when visiting pilgrimage sites is holistic, to enhance their knowledge, find pleasure, love and to offer dedication. Muslim visitor’s motivation for pilgrimage to sites such as Al Aqsa Mosque is to offer prayers and visit the holy site.

This paper will begin with a brief discussion on the Islamic approach to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and explain the principles on which Islamic values for society are based according to the teachings Allah (SWT) and the perfect examples of his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The paper will also explore the journey of Miraj and will offer discussion on pilgrimage engagement in religious rituals at the holy city of Jerusalem.

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