This research aims to examine the influence of Islamic attributes of destinations, which include worship facilities, halalness, and general Islamic morality, on Saudi Arabians’ decision to visit Jakarta with tourism destination image as a mediating variable. The research data were obtained from 200 respondents who visited Jakarta and completed the administered questionnaires. The analysis was carried out using the SEM technique with AMOS software. The results show that the Islamic attributes of the destination have a significant effect on the decision to visit Jakarta with tourism destination image as a mediating variable. The findings of this research show that more than half of the tourists were between 20 and 34 years old. This is closely related to the fact that millennials are active in the digital space, especially in social media. Therefore, this should be used by stakeholders in the Indonesian tourism sector to generate a positive tourism image which will eventually affect Saudi Arabian tourists’ visit decision. Having a vacation (86%) and visiting cultural destinations (46.5%) were the main motives underlying the Saudi Arabians’ visits to Jakarta. This can be taken into account in the promotion of Jakarta’s tourism destinations, especially in Saudi Arabia. This research still has several limitations. Therefore, surveys in other cities are needed for future research. Furthermore, it is recommended that future research employs qualitative methods to see any difference in the results. The research should also analyse other variables such as destination loyalty and destination satisfaction if needed.

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