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Faith-based activities are dynamic rituals that can bring about spiritual satisfaction. The perceived efficacy of these activities greatly influences the number of faith participants visiting religious centres. Although these activities are primarily practiced as religious obligations, they have helped to precipitate travel and the rise of tourism service industries. These include accommodation, transportation, food, drinks, souvenirs, spiritual objects (anointing oil, ritual mantels, handkerchief, cross emblem, rosary tesbihu (prayer beads), praying mat, and candles) and the likes, which enhance tourism expenditure and income. This study examines the contribution to tourism development of faith-based activities, in two religious centres in south-western Nigeria. Ethnographic methodologies were adopted for the study, supplemented by focus group discussions, direct observation, and in-depth interviews. The data collected were analysed thematically using descriptive analysis. Research results show that economic, social and spiritual benefits can be derived from faith-based activities. These have strong implications on religious tourism development in the study area and the country at large. The study recommends that concerted effort by relevant stakeholders should be made to harness the potential of these faith-based tourism activities and utilise them optimally to boost tourism development in the region and the country. The outcomes of this study can be replicated in other growing economies across the globe where faith-based activities promote increasing interest and visitation.

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