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This paper aims to analyse the relationship between factors influencing the travel intentions of the spiritual tourist. The research design comprises three segments, i.e., identifying factors from the literature, conducting interviews with the academic experts and managers, and analysing the responses recorded. The Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) technique is used to determine the interlinkage between the factors and develop a hierarchical relationship. This paper identified twelve factors that influence the travel intention of spiritual tourists. The results indicate that the pro-tourism attitude of the management of religious monuments, presence of relaxation and recreational activities, historical and cultural heritage of a destination, infrastructure development, and accessibility of place significantly drive tourist motivation to undertake spiritual tourism. Also, destination cost, reference group influence, marketing of the destination, destination image, and stress and spirituality level of tourist influence intention to undertake spiritual tourism, but get influenced by tourist motivation drivers. The study’s value lies in clarifying the relationship between factors influencing the travel intentions of spiritual tourists, an area where limited research has been done.





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