The Freedom of Information Act 1997 was considered to be a vital part of the daily running within the child care organisation that I was working in and came to my attention whilst working in the caring field in the academic year of 1997/98. As it was my first post within the field of social care, having graduated from college in Athlone just that year with a Diploma, I was fortunate to "grow up" with the Act. Meanwhile the organisation and its staff gained the knowledge and training to make the necessary preparations and changes for the Acts implementation. This time proved to be exciting while at the same time daunting for me, as I was involved in a small part of a larger process of a changing policy and not knowing if the consequences will be positive of negative. Returning to college, I was surprised to discover very few of my classmates were aware of the new legislation. Hence it became the focus of a thesis that was carried out by a classmate (Fiona Byrne) and I. The main aim was to discover the effects of the Acts' implementation from the management and staff's perspective and the changes it required. This paper is re-written on the basis of the above-mentioned thesis with the permission of the other author involved and seeks to provide a student social care worker perspective.

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