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Optics, Electrical and electronic engineering, Remote sensing

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Optics Letters, Optics Letters, Vol. 39, No. 7, pp. 2076-2079, 2014.


A compact singlemode - photonic crystal fibre - singlemode fibre tip (SPST) refractive index sensor is demonstrated in this paper. A CO2 laser cleaving technique is utilsed to provide a clean-cut fibre tip which is then coated by a layer of gold to increase reflection. An average sensitivity of 39.1 nm/RIU and a resolvable index change of 2.56×10-4 are obtained experimentally with a ~3.2 µm diameter SPST. The temperature dependence of this fiber optic sensor probe is presented. The proposed SPST refractometer is also significantly less sensitive to temperature and an experimental demonstration of this reduced sensitivity is presented in the paper. Because of its compactness, ease of fabrication, linear response, low temperature dependency, high sensitivity, easy connectivity to other fibreized optical components and low cost, this refractometer could find various applications in chemical and biological sensing.