Enterprise energy information system (EEIS)

Breanainn C. O Suaird, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Article


An Enterprise Energy Information System (EEIS) has been developed which supports strategic energy management and assists in continuously improving energy efficiency.

The EEIS software system provides comprehensive energy monitoring and tarteting functionality, integrates with business enterprise software and energy modelling software, and provides financial appraisal analysis for energy projects.

Microsoft Office, a Windows Component Object Model (COM) application, and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) were used to program and develop the EEIS software. VBA provides rich development capabilities and enables the EEIS software to integrate with other software systems. Microsoft Office supports HTML code, XML, and provides Web Components which enabled the programming and development of EEIS enterprise web page reports and EEIS energy analysis websites for stand alone and networked sites.

The EEIS prototype system was developed in three sites; a medium sized company, a large industrial site, and a third level education institution with colleges throughout Dublin. Energy meters were installed in each site and existing Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) were programmed to provide energy monitoring, data acquisition, and basic energy targeting.

An evaluation of the EEIS with regard to supporting strategic energy management, the continuous commissioning of buildings, and integration with energy modelling software, is provided. The integration of the EEIS with industrial steam system modelling software and compressed air systems modelling software is described.

The EEIS is now installed in over ten large energy sites.