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The 1st Jameson - D.I.T School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology Cocktail Competition took place on Thursday December 1st, this new initiative between the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology and Jameson offered hospitality staff the opportunity to improve their skills in creative drinks mixing, in direct response to the growing demand for new cocktails and exciting new drinks to suit every season. Overall prizes were awarded for best short drink cocktail and best long drink cocktail, which were based on Jameson, points were awarded for the appearance, aroma, taste and the commercial appeal of the cocktail. This innovation marks a new departure in cocktail competition scoring systems and is a first worldwide, assessing the commercial appeal of a cocktail recipe recognises this vital component, which future successful cocktail recipes need to incorporate.

A further special prize was awarded to the most professional cocktail demonstration, points were awarded in this category for the competitors appearance, hygiene awareness, their technical cocktail procedure, garnish neatness, overall proficiency and the time limits allowed to prepare and present the cocktail. Special Jameson Cocktail Certificates of participation were presented to all the competitors by Ms. Lisa Irvine (On Trade Marketing Manager Irish Distillers Wines & Spirits Limited).

Dr. Aodan O’Cearbhaill (Head of School Culinary Arts and Food Technology, D.I.T Faculty Tourism & Food) congratulated the winners and offered sincere thanks to both Ms. Lisa Irvine (On-Trade Marketing Manager) and Mr. Cormac Long (Brand Development Manager) of Irish Distillers Wines & Spirits Limited. The First Jameson D.I.T School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology winners were as follows;

Winner ‘Best Jameson Long drink Cocktail’ Fruity Jameson Prepared by: Ms. Laura Fontana (International Bar & Foodservices Management Course, School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, D.I.T) Recipe: 3.5cl Jameson, 9 cl Orange Juice, 9cl Pineapple Juice, 2cl Strawberry Syrup, Freshly squeezed fresh whole strawberry, pineapple and grapes. Method: Muddle the fresh fruits separately and add the contents together with the other ingredients and shake briskly. Pour over some crush and cubed ice into a highball cocktail glass. Garnish: Skewer small pieces of fresh Strawberry, Grapes and pineapple onto a cocktail stick.

Winner ‘Best Jameson Short drink Cocktail’ Jameson Kiss Prepared by: Ms. Karen Thorpe (International Bar & Foodservice Management Course, School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, D.I.T, Dublin) Recipe: 2.5cl Jameson, 2.5cl Kahlua, 12cl Sprite Zero, 2cl Fresh orange juice Method: Mix the ingredients together in a mixing glass and with ice and pour over crushed ice into a 24cl Old Fashioned glass. Garnish: Fresh lime and orange quarters cut and mixed throughout the cocktail.

Winner ‘Best Professional Cocktail Demonstration’ Apple Heaven Prepared by: Ms. Lada Zdarska (Buskers Bar, Temple Bar Hotel, Dublin, Bar Supervision Course, School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, D.I.T, Dublin). Recipe: 3.5cl Jameson, 1.75cl Sour Apple Schnapps, 8cl Ginger Ale, 10cl Cranberry Juice. Method: Shake all ingredients except the ginger ale; pour into a crushed ice filled highball glass top up with ginger ale. Garnish: Slice fresh apple, whole strawberry, rind of lemon.


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