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Information science (social aspects), Media and socio-cultural communication

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Supported by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Digital Strategy Unit – Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources.


Net Children Go Mobile is a two-year research project funded under the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme. Seven countries participated in the project: Denmark, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and Belgium.

Findings from the survey are compared with EU Kids Online which because of the similar methodology adopted allows trends to be identified.

The project uses quantitative and qualitative methodologies to investigate access and use, risks and opportunities of mobile internet use. This report presents the full findings of the survey with extracts from qualitative data about young people’s use of mobile internet technologies in Ireland.

500 young people, aged 9-16, were interviewed face-to-face in their homes. Ipsos MRBI carried out the quantitative fieldwork in Ireland in November and December 2013, while the qualitative study was carried out from April to June 2014, with the involvement of 32 children and 10 parents of children from 9 to 16 year-olds.


EC Safer Internet Programme