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Claudia Fernandez-Rivera, Sarah Boland, Eamon Aswad, John Gilligan, Dympna O’Sullivan, and Emma Murphy. AccessDesign: An inclusive co-design toolkit for the creation of accessible digital tools. Proceedings of ICCHP – AAATE 2022: 13th joint Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility, Lecco, Italy, July 11-15, 2022.

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Existing toolkits and resources to support co-design are not always accessible to designers and co-designers with disabilities. In this paper we present a study based on an innovative co-design programme, in collaboration with St John of God Community Services, where 3rd year computer science students work with service users with intellectual disabilities to create digital applications together. We conducted a series of co-design focus group sessions involving the service users who were previously involved in the co-design collaboration with SJOG Services and TU Dublin. The data collected during these design sessions has been integrated to form an accessible design toolkit through a series of iterative workshops. This toolkit is intended to generate a sustainable resource to be reused in the programme at TU Dublin but also in the wider community of inclusive design.



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