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Materials engineering

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Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Vol 81, Iss 4, P 638-649, September/October 2008.


The effect of oil swelling on the fatigue life of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) has been studied under conditions of equi-biaxial cycling using dynamic bubble inflation. Specimens were subjected to varying degrees of swelling in reference mineral oils and fatigued at constant engineering stress amplitudes. The reference oils used for swelling the EPDM had known aniline points, allowing the rubber-oil compatibility to be determined. The inflation fluid for fatigue testing was selected with a solubility parameter that would produce a desired level of incompatibility with the test specimens, thereby limiting the amount of additional swelling during cycling. Wöhler (S-N) plots were generated for dry and swollen specimens and the changes in complex elastic modulus E* and dynamic stored energy were analyzed. Specimen fractures were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy. The fractures in the swollen samples show that the failure surfaces flowed more readily over each other than did those of the dryer specimens.




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