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Irish Marketing Review VOL.14, No.2.


The Irish grocery retailing market, one of the most competitive in Europe, has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years. The demise of many small grocers, an increased concentration of multiples and the galvanization of the independent sector through symbol group participation has intensified competitive rivalry. The two largest multiples ie. Tesco Ireland and Dunnes Stores continually vie for number one position nationally. In recent years, Musgrave have galvanised the independent sector and are now in a position to challenge the top multiples for the prized pole position in the market. Recent results show that sales were up 15% vear-on-year, on top of 20% growth in 2000. The company has continued to out-perform the national grocery market, which grew by approximately 8-9% during the period. This case presents the current position in the Irish grocery market and profiles the three contenders for market leadership.



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