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Business and Management.

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Management and Organizational Studies

Vol. 5, No. 1; 2018.

ISSN 2330-5495

E-ISSN 2330-5509


A cardinal requisite of successful research lies in the proper selection of the research methodology applied to achieve research objectives using the available resources. In addition to acquiring sufficient knowledge of their specific research topic, researchers are urged to develop good understanding of alternative research methodologies at their disposal to be able to identify the best-suited methods to address the research question. This, however, often poses a challenge for novice researchers who face difficulty in grasping the vast methodology landscape and its encompassing array of debates. The purpose of this paper is to provide new researchers with a comprehensive overview of the main elements of research methodology, particularly in the business domain. After a brief introduction, the paper introduces the principles of research philosophy, approaches, and methods, and explains the different paradigmatic stances adopted by researchers in the field. A number of mixed methods designs are then discussed to highlight the different means by which qualitative and quantitative research are combined. The final section presents sampling techniques then explores the most prominent data-collection tools employed in business, including interviews, questionnaires, and case studies. The paper aims to offer business postgraduate students embarking on their research journeys with a useful summary that would guide in them navigating the methodological aspect of their research work.



Pharos University in Alexandria