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“Recent advances in optical diagnosis of oral cancers: review and future perspectives”, Surya P. Singh, Ola Ibrahim, Hugh J. Byrne, Jopi W. Mikkonen, Arto P. Koistinen, Arja M. Kullaa, Fiona M. Lyng, Head and Neck-Journal for the Sciences and Specialities of the Head and Neck, 38, E2403-E2411 (2016)


Optical diagnosis techniques offer several advantages over traditional approaches, including objectivity, speed and cost, and these label-free, non-invasive methods have the potential to change the future work-flow of cancer management. The oral cavity is particularly accessible and thus such methods may serve as alternate/adjunct tools to traditional methods. Recently, in vivo human clinical studies have been initiated with a view to clinical translation of such technologies. A comprehensive review of optical methods in oral cancer diagnosis is presented. Following an introduction to the epidemiology and aetiological factors associated with oral cancers currently employed diagnostic methods and their limitations are presented. A thorough review of fluorescence, infrared absorption and Raman spectroscopic methods in oral cancer diagnosis is presented. The applicability of minimally invasive methods based on serum/saliva is also discussed. The review concludes with a discussion on future demands and scope of developments from a clinical point of view.