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Electrical and electronic engineering

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21st IET Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2010, June 23-24, Cork.


An approach is presented which generates an audio thumbnail of Irish traditional music. An audio thumbnail is consered to be the most representative segment of the music. For popular music, the chorus is considered to be an ideal audio thumbnail, however in Irish Traditional Music there is no chorus. An Irish Traditional tune consists of tow or mor short structural segments called parts. Parts are repeated to extend the tuen, and the tune itself is also repeated once or more in its entirety. To further extend a performance, tunes are concatenated to form a set of tuens. As a result, there is plenty of repetition within this music type. The presented approach utilises and existing approach which calculates the structure of Irish Traditional Music. The structural informatin is used to extract a single rendition of each distinctive part. The resulting parts are concatenated to form the audio thumbnail.