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Sociology, Women's and gender studies, Family studies, Social work.

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The Peace Institute International symposium MEN, EQUALITY, CARE PRACTICES 5th September 2019 in Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3, Ljubljana


The unequal distribution caring, emotional and relational work has long been recognised by feminists as an impediment to gender equality in social, cultural, economic and political life. Gender equality requires affective equality; the equal sharing of both the burdens and benefits of love, care and solidarity. Studies of men and masculinities, while also interested in caring, having a traditional emphasis on issues such as fathering, the socialisation of boys, male role models, and men’s wellbeing, have now also begun to address caring and equality more broadly and specifically within sociology, social policy and welfare state studies. Critical studies of men and masculinities are crucial in highlighting the ways men are responding to, or lagging, greater expectations for affective equality. How are masculinities being transformed, and transforming gender relations through caring, or how are they resisting and reproducing inequality by evading it? Can caring transform masculinities and are caring masculinities a threat or challenge to hegemonic masculinities? This presentation reflects upon some of the central themes, challenges and debates in contemporary discussions of caring masculinities and gender equality.