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Studies on Film

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The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies 82 (2022) 209–223, published by Brill.


The scholarship on Latin American film in 2020 points to a diverse and vibrant field of study that encompasses a wide range of themes. This year, the representations of indigenous peoples, as well as the studies on youth and transnationalism, have caught the attention of several scholars. Another topic that has gained importance is the revisiting of films, filmmakers, and performers from the twentieth century. Volume 17, number 2, of Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas, which is devoted to Mexican documentaries from the last century, is a poignant example of this development. Aside from these topics, gender and sexuality, domestic labour, violence, crisis, politics, memory, the family, ethnicity, oppression, and marginalization are some of the many issues explored in the publications from 2020.