How DNA Is Used To Catch A Killer.

Sean McDermott, Technological University Dublin

RTE Brainstorm, updated / Friday, 15 Oct 2021 07:24


DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and is simply a long thin molecule made up of nucleic acids. DNA contains four nucleic acids: Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G) and Cytosine(C). The order that these nucleic acids occur in your DNA is called a sequence. A length of DNA could contain over 50 million nucleic acids, but only the ones listed above, A, T, G, and C in various sequences and combinations. DNA can be found in the chromosomes in the nucleus of your body's cells. Humans have 46 chromosomes, 23 from their mother and 23 from their father. We conventionally assign these pairs of chromosomes numbers from 1 to 23.