Margaret Skinnider: From Maths Teacher to Easter 1916 Sharpshooter

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Margaret Skinnider was a revolutionary feminist and maths teacher who came to Dublin from Scotland at the age of 23 to take part in the 1916 Easter Rising. Born in 1892 in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, her mother was from Scotland and her father was from Tydavnet, Co Monaghan where she spent several summer holidays as a child. Skinnider qualified as a maths teacher and taught in Saint Agnes School in Lambhill, Glasgow. In 1914, she learned how to shoot when she took part in classes with a rifle club set up to train women to defend Britain during the First World War.

She had been a member of the Gaelic League and Cumann na mBan in Scotland, the latter a women’s organisation established to "advance the cause of Irish liberty". She became active in smuggling detonators and bomb-making equipment, guns and ammunition into Dublin from Glasgow in preparation for 1916.