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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) to Technological University Dublin in 2007.


Sustainable tourism development has been recognised as the dominant paradigm for developing the tourism industry in the twenty first century. This concept gained importance in response to increasing environmental awareness and unease at the rapid use and depletion of natural resources. The United National World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) identifies sustainable tourism development as a preferred means for the future development of the industry. Indicators are an established means of achieving and measuring progress achieved towards sustainable tourism development. Consequently, indicators of sustainable development for tourism have been proposed as the building blocks for sustainable tourism development. Information derived from indicators can be used in planning and managing tourism activities at a destination. Ultimately the identification and inclusion of indicators in planning and monitoring, in the longer term can potentially lead to a destination being managed more sustainably. Research investigating the role of indicators of sustainable development for tourism is still in its infancy when compared to other industries. The UNWTO have been instrumental in developing indicator frameworks that have been duly adopted by the industry. This thesis reviews academic literature on indicators of sustainable development from a general perspective and also indicators of sustainable development for tourism. This theses serves as a comprehensive review of indicators for tourism and will be beneficial in assisting future primary research in this field. Much of the impetus for reviewing academic literature on indicators of sustainable development for tourism derived from the necessity to understand core concepts required to undertake work on the EPA project, described here within. This body of work also details the applied research that the author was involved in as part of her Postgraduate Diploma in Research.