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Geology, Business and Management.

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Gorman, Catherine (2007) Landscape and Geotourism: market typologies and visitor needs European Tourism and the Environment Conference: Promotion and Protection, Achieving the Balance, October 2007, Dublin, Ireland.


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore Geotourism (landscape tourism) in the context of the Irish tourism experience, to develop visitor typologies and propose an approach that will ensure greater sustainability by addressing market value and requirements through the use of marketing techniques and tools.

Methodology/Approach: An evaluation of existing geotourism resources and information was undertaken. A gap was identified in terms of marketing the Geotourism product. This gap is identified as a break the delivery of the experience to the most suitable customer and is addressed by identifying specific typologies, their requirements and making suggestions in terms of delivery.

Findings: Four main markets are identified. Each has both positive and negative impacts on the tourism resource. However as the resource in the infancy stage of lifecycle, a number of suggested approaches may ensure a more sustainable path through its cycle. A more focused marketing approach and the creation of greater involvement with the site leads to greater value for both the visitor and the site and contributes overall to sustainability.

Research Limitations: The paper is conceptual. Application and empirical research is required to test the typologies and their requirements. It is envisaged that this could be undertaken through the members of the European Geoparks Network.

Practical Application: The findings could form an evaluative framework for areas of geological significance around which a product development and marketing strategy could be organized.