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Behavioural sciences biology, 3.3 HEALTH SCIENCES, Health policy and services

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Using Rapid Reviews: An Example from a Study Conducted to Inform Policy Making. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 73(3) 742-752.


Aim: To illustrate the potential use of rapid review approaches in nursing and midwifery research by presenting a worked example from a study conducted to inform policy decision making.

Background: Rapid reviews, which can be defined as outputs of a knowledge synthesis approach that involves modifying or omitting elements of a systematic review process due to limited time or resources, are becoming increasingly popular in health research. This paper provides guidance on how a rapid review can be undertaken and discusses the strengths and challenges of the approach.

Data source and research design: Data from a rapid review of the literature undertaken in 2015 is used as a worked example to highlight one method of undertaking a rapid review.

Implications for nursing: Seeking evidence to inform health policy making or evidence based practice is a process that can be limited by time constraints, making it difficult to conduct comprehensive systematic reviews.