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5.2 ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, Business and Management., *training, *pedagogy, Organisation Theory

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Organizing Supply Chain Processes for Sustainable Effectiveness, Vol 5, 59-81. Emerald: Bingley, UK, 2016.


Purpose: The chapter describes and reflects upon an EU-funded research initiative, TRADEIT, which has attempted to develop a learning network among European traditional food producers as one way of contributing to the economic sustainability of the ventures, the social sustainability of the food’s regional character, and the environmental sustainability of food production through the use of traditional methods.

Design/methodology/approach: The chapter describes TRADEIT before moving on to an exploration of learning in organizations and networks. It outlines the action learning research methodology developed and implemented to explore the development of a learning network in TRADEIT. A single case history is presented to illustrate the engagement of a small food producer in the network.

Findings: The discussion reflects on the application of action learning in supporting sustainability evident in TRADEIT.

Originality/value: The chapter focuses on the application of action learning in the development of a learning network among traditional food producers across Europe.

Keywords: Learning network; action learning; traditional food producers, sustainability

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