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Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Volume 14, No. 1, 2016.


Studies of co-operative activity in the tourism literature focus largely on linkages between tourism firms and little has been done to examine co-operation between tourism firms and those in other sectors. Yet the inter-dependency that exits between tourism and other sectors in product development is clearly apparent. One such example is in the production of cultural tourism where co-operation between the cultural and tourism sectors is a necessity. This paper reports on the findings of a project undertaken in regions in the west of Ireland. The research, identifies that while not without its challenges, there is a strong willingness for cross-sector co-operation by both sectors. It highlights the importance of a shared vision and notes the need for a leader to 'champion' the idea of co-operating with another sector. The findings have implications for both the sectors and policymakers and for informing discussions on how to harness linkages between tourism and other sectors. Keywords: Co-operation; cultural tourism; Ireland; cross- sectoral co-operation.