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5.7 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY, Cultural and economic geography, Urban studies (Planning and development)

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Leisure Studies, 2011.


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Ireland has undergone significant economic and social change and with highlevels of immigration there are now more than 100 different nationalities livingin Dublin city. The broad question is has the leisure space in the city adapted toreflect the increasingly multicultural Dublin population? The particular topic ofconcern in this research note is to track the development of Parnell Street Eastarea from its emergence as an Asian enclave, to efforts by immigrant entrepreneursto create a Chinatown, to the more recent Dublin County Council policyof developing it as an international quarter. This is the first part of the largerongoing study and this paper focuses on the Asian cohort of entrepreneurs. Thekey research questions are: (1) How has this leisure space developed? (2) Whathas been the role of local Asian immigrant entrepreneurs in these developments?and (3) What role have policy-makers played in this process? The study’s preliminaryfindings are presented in a chronological manner with three key phasesof development identified and discussed. Within these developmental phases,the voices of key players are presented, offering a comprehensive picture ofhow this leisure space has been developing since its inception and what rolesboth Asian immigrant entrepreneurs and local policy-makers have played.