A comparison of the taste, texture and appearance of Irish Grown organic and conventional tomatoes.

Clare Gilsenan, Dublin Institute of Technology
Roisin Burke, Dublin Institute of Technology
Catherine Barry Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Proceedings of the 36th Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, U.C.C., Cork, (8th-10th September) 8-10


In the last decade the consumer demand for organic food has grown. Proponents of organic foods claim that it is better tasting and fresher. The aim of this study was to examine if there are differences in the taste, texture and appearance of Irish grown organic and conventional tomatoes (cv Amoroso). Three batches were tested, one of organic and one of conventional, each week for three weeks using sensory, chemical and physical analysis. Sensory analysis trials (taste, texture and appearance) were carried out using 14 semi-trained panellists. pH (n=8), Instron (n=8) and Colorflex (n=32) measurements were also recorded. A comparison between both types of tomato found no significant differences (P<0.05) for the sensory attributes of taste, texture and appearance. Acidity values of 4.22 +/- .01 and 4.24 +/- .012, Instron values (puncture probe 7mm) of .017KN +/-.002 and .027 KN +/- .005 and Hunter a*/b* values of 1.39 +/- .034 and 1.35 +/-.034 were recorded for organic and conventional tomato samples respectively.