Consumer Co-Creation In New Food Product Development: The Case of High Protein Smoothies

Róisín Burke, Dublin Institute of Technology
Mihajlo Vucetic, Dublin Institute of Technology
Sarabjit Kaur, Dublin Institute of Technology
Rossella DiMonaco, Dublin Institute of Technology
Sinead McCarthy, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Proceedings from FIPDes Day 2015.International Talents in Food Innovation and Product Design. Students' Book of Executive Summaries. AgroParisTech, 19 Av. Du Maine, Paris, Sept. 2nd: 86-90.


Consumer co-creation in NPD is the practice of collaborative product development between companies and consumers. Thus co-creation allows consumers to take an active and central role as participants in the NPD process. consumer co-creation represents an attractive approach for companies for a number of reasons. A in particular, ideas generated through co-creation will more closely mirror consumer needs.

For the purpose of this study, a group of protein users and non-users comprising sports scholars, professors and health promotion officers at Dublin a Institute of Technology (Dublin, Ireland) were brought together to co-create the protein smoothie for the Irish market.

This research demonstrated the feasibility of innovative NPD using consumer feedback.