Developing Protein Enriched Fruit Smoothie: A Case Study of Consumer Driven New Food Product Development

Roisin Burke, Dublin Institute of Technology
Sarabjit Kaur, Dublin Institute of Technology
Mihajlo Vucetic, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Proceedings from FIPDes Day 2015. International Talents in Food Innovation and Product Design. Students' Book of Executive Summaries. AgroParisTech, 19 Av. Du Maine, Sept. 2nd: 6-9


This research aims at the development of a fruit smoothie enriched in whey protein for people, who are physically active or engaged in sports. The first step of the research was the development of a smoothie that tastes good and does not change upon storage. It was found that the smoothie had phase separation, colour deterioration and flavour deterioration after few hours of production. Through this research, an unpasteurised smoothie was developed by regulating the pH, foam removal, addition of Xanthan gum and use of freeze-dried raspberry powder to enhance flavour and colour of the smoothie.

in the second part of the research, a group of protein users and non-users comprising sports scholars, professors and health promotion officers at Dublin Institute of Technology were brought together to co-create the smoothie for Irish market.Consumer feedback was used at each step to enhance the recipe of the smoothie to meet their demands.

This research demonstrated the successful development of mango and berry protein smoothie. It also showed the feasibility of innovative new product development using consumer feedback.