The TU Dublin Culinary Theatre – Live Sessions (April 25th 2022)


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Food and beverages, Nutrition, Dietetics, Business and Management., 5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, 6.4 ART

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The School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, TU Dublin Culinary Theatre Live Sessions are an on-going series of live Masterclasses sessions and food and beverage demonstrations which will include spirits and cocktail events and wine tastings. From sophisticated street food to modern and high end cuisine. The TU Dublin Culinary Theatre hosts some of World’s best chefs and Ireland’s top food and beverage producers in our new culinary theatre based on our Lower Ground Floor on our Grangegorman Campus, Dublin 7. The successful completion of these activities would not be possible without the active and on-going support of the school colleagues, students, 'INSPIRED' friends of Culinary Arts and our TU Dublin Founding partners (school supporters), our school's industry association supporters and of course the 'Professional Practitioners' highlighted in these culinary sessions. We thank you all and we encourage all interested companies, individuals and prospective students who are interested in supporting and joining our school to contact us at email: scaft@tudublin.ie


Derry Clarke has been Chef/Patron of l’Ecrivain for over 26 years. He started his career in The Man Friday in Kinsale under Peter Barry in 1972 and moved to Dublin in 1977. He then spent four years in le Coq Hardi and a further eight years in the Bon Appetit before opening his own l’Ecrivain Restaurant in July 1989 with his wife Sallyanne. Derry and l’Ecrivain have been awarded many accolades over the past 26 years, such as Best Restaurant and Best Chef Awards since 1999. Derry reached international acclaim having been inducted into Food and Wine Magazines "Hall of Fame" and been granted a five-star review by The New York Times describing his restaurant as "superb" and "a good spot to linger" whilst in Dublin. He has written two successful cook books. "Not Just A Cookbook" and "Keeping it Simple". The recipes confirm his commitment to the very best local, fresh produce cooked with flair and imagination. l’Ecrivain is the proud holder of a Michelin Star which was first awarded in 2003. Derry spent over 3 years as Commissioner General for EuroToques Ireland, and still remains actively involved with the organisation today. Derry promotes the use of Organic Food & Non Genetically Modified Foods – His food ethos is simple. He uses the finest of fresh local produce supporting small farmers and artisan producers in others ‘The Best of Irish.’ A major word of thanks were offered to Chef Derry Clarke to Julianne Forrestal (Sodexo Culinary Director), thanks were also offered to Lorraine Culinary Arts Lecturers George Smith.