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Mac Con Iomaire, M. and E. Maher (eds.) (2014). 'Tickling the Palate': Gastronomy in Irish Literature and Culture. Oxford: Peter Lang.


This volume of essays which originated in the inaugural Dublin Gastronomy Symposium held in the Technological University Dublin in June 2012, offers fascinating insights into the significant role played by gastronomy in Irish literature and culture.

The book opens with an exploration of food in literature, covering figures as varied as Maria Edgeworth, James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Enid Blyton, John McGahern, and Sebastian Barry. Other chapters examine culinary practices among the Dublin working classes in the 1950's, offering a stark contrast to the haute cuisine served in the iconic Jammet's Restaurant; new trends among Ireland's 'foodie' generation; and the economic and tourism possibilities created by the development of a gastronomic nationalism. The volume concludes by looking at the sacramental aspects of the production and consumption of Guinness and examining the place where it is most often consumed: the Irish pub.