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Microsoft App for Surface - by Stephen Howell

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Cuisine Ireland contains 15 sample recipes from renowned Irish chef and author Dermot Seberry. Taking you to the heart of ancient Ireland, from the most northern beauty of the Mourne & Cooley peninsula along the magnificent east coastline and across to the Boyne Valley, the focus of this app is on the very best the region has to offer food tourists and local chefs.

This app was developed as a companion piece to Dermot’s new book “Ireland, A Culinary Journey of the North East”. This title was Winner in Ireland of Gourmand World Cookbooks Award 2013 and nominated for Best in the World Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards 2014.

Recipes in this app include: Stockwells Slimmer's Frittata, Trim Castle Royal Meath Lamb, Sticky Ardee Bacon with Red Cabbage & Glebe Brethan Gnocchi, Bellingham Bán with 'In Season Farm' Cherries and Pure Honey, Dunany Sour Dough Bread, Tartare of Wild Sea Trout, Glyde Inn Razors, Eddie Tuite's Black Pudding with Egg, Pea Puree & Smoked Bacon, Home Reared Pork with Pudding & Bramly Apple, Boyne Valley Salmon, Scotch Quail Eggs, Jerusalem Artichoke Brûlée with Maple-Glazed Bacon Crisp, Hot Smoked Curried Mackerel, Bellingham Blue Brûlée with Broccoli Couscous, Apple Tatin.



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