Applications of Cold Plasma Technology in Food Packaging

Shashi Pankaj, Dublin Institute of Technology
C. Bueno-Ferrer, Dublin Institute of Technology
N. Misra, Dublin Institute of Technology
V. Milosavljević, Dublin Institute of Technology
C. P. O’Donnell, University College Dublin
Paula Bourke, Dublin Institute of Technology
Kevin Keener, Purdue University
Patrick Cullen, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Article

Trends in Food Science & Technology 35 (2014) 5-17

D.O.I. 10.1016/j.tifs.2013.10.009


Cold plasma technology is an emerging, green process offering many potential applications for food packaging. While it was originally developed to increase the surface energy of polymers, enhancing adhesion and printability, it has recently emerged as a powerful tool for surface decontamination of both foodstuffs and food packaging materials. New trends aim to develop in- package decontamination, offering non-thermal treatment of foods post packaging. This paper provides an overview of cold plasma theory, equipment and summarises recent advances in the modification of polymeric food packaging materials along with potential applications in the food industry.