Formation and Stability of an Oil in Water Emulsion Containing Lecithin, Xanthan Gum and Sunflower Oil

Mark Traynor, Dublin Institute of Technology
Roisin Burke, Dublin Institute of Technology
Jesus Maria Frias, Dublin Institute of Technology
Edurne Gaston, Dublin Institute of Technology
Catherine Barry-Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Article

International Food Research Journal 20(5):2173-2181


The optimisation of the formation and stability of an oil in water emulsion containing lecithin, xanthan gum and sunflower oil was evaluated using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and nonlinear regression. The main and combined effects of three independent variables; concentration of sunflower oil (10-20% v/v), soy lecithin (1-5% w/v) and xanthan gum (0.01-3% w/v) on the responses were examined. The main objectives of the study were to model and optimise maximum emulsion storage stability and to study interactive effects of emulsion ingredient. Emulsion stability and mean droplet diameter were measured over 14 days of storage using an image processing procedure developed. Xanthan gum and lecithin were found to have significant influences on emulsion stability and mean droplet diameter. Optimum concentrations were found to be sunflower oil 19.02% v/v, soy lecithin 1.2% w/v and xanthan gum 0.28% w/v.