Molecular Gastronomy in Ireland

Roisin Burke, DIT
Mark Traynor, DIT
Juan Valverde, Teagasc

Document Type Article

Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, 9:205–211, 2011
Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
ISSN: 1542-8052 print/1542-8044 online
DOI: 10.1080/15428052.2011.629154


This article summarizes the activities of molecular gastronomy (MG) in Ireland since the scientific discipline was first introduced in the country. MG has been developing over the last five years,
however, the authors of this article have been trying to establish a strong MG infrastructure in Ireland. Indeed, a lot of work still needs to be done, but public interest and positive perceptions of
“chemistry” have increased very quickly; consequently, there is great potential for further development. Indeed, we can now say
that MG has crossed the Rubicon in Ireland.