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Hore, A., West, R. and McAuley, B. (2023) Accelerating BIM Adoption in Ireland: A ten-year review of CitA BIM Gathering Proceedings 2013 – 2023, Proceedings of the 6th CitA BIM Gathering, Athlone, September 18th – 20th, 10-22


Digital construction interfaces have been studied extensively over the last few decades, with an ever-grow- ing catalogue of publications. The CitA BIM Gathering conferences have played a key role in bringing together the research and industry communities ina collaborative setting over the past decade in Ireland. In this paper the authors systematically review 10 years of papers published in the BIM Gathering pro- ceedings since the inaugural conference in 2013. A total of 175 papers involving over 200 authors have been reviewed and classified under the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) recommendations in respect to ac- celerating BIM adoption. The primary contribution of the review is to present the broad landscape of digital construction research. There is clear evidence at a high-level that the BIM Gathering proceedings collec- tively address many of the WEF recommendations. Nonetheless, an uncoordinated approach remains in implementing and monitoring BIM adoption in Ireland. The most influential studies related to articulating BIM benefits, data sharing, openBIM standards, and BIM skills. Fewer studies were evident on early col- laboration, procurement requirements, behavioural change and long-term commitment to support small to medium enterprises. While there are encouraging signs due to the Irish government introducing a require- ment for BIM on public sector projects in the near future and funding vital centres of excellence, there remains still a fragmented and uncoordinated approach to BIM adoption in Ireland.


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