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Grego, A., Chance, S. and McAuley, B. (2023) Using BIM to increase the efficiency of energy - driven retrofitting projects, Proceedings of the EUBIM 2023 - BIM International Conference, Valencia, 17th - 20th May, Pp 142-151


The building sector is responsible for nearly 40% of global energy consumption. Many existing buildings have poor thermal insulation and low energy performance, hindering sustainability goals. Energy-driven building retrofitting could address this issue and implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) in retrofitting can reduce process time, costs, and waste associated with such undertakings. Yet, there is a lack of research and insufficient guidance for implementing BIM in energy-driven retrofitting. A BIM framework is presented to enhance decision-making processes during retrofitting. The aims of this study were to (1) identify BIM technologies and methodologies that could address existing barriers and improve efficiency in green retrofitting, (2) evaluate two BIM frameworks previously adopted in retrofitting projects, and (3) provide a set of recommendations. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to benchmark current retrofitting strategies and measures and identify the opportunities for implementing BIM. Then, a comparative analysis was conducted using two published case studies, to evaluate the BIM frameworks adopted in the research. The comparison provided an understanding of cases where BIM modelling and analysis tools were adopted, and costs and energy savings subsequently accrued; this facilitated the identification of the market's most cost-effective and energy-efficient retrofitting package at the time of publication.


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