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Paper presented at the Higher Education in Transformation Conference, Dublin, 31st. May - 1st. April, 2015.


The paper is presented as a rationale for the adoption of an entrepreneurial university model as the guiding principle for the organisation of the Technological University for Dublin (TU4D)5. It is argued that the entrepreneurial university provides a coherent context in which the internal resources and capacities of the three organisations, within the alliance, can be aligned to the external environment and the needs of their stakeholders through agility, flexibility and responsiveness.The paper first considers a broad definition of what is understood as an entrepreneurial Higher Educational Institution (HEI). It then considers the entrepreneurial mind-set as a precursor to the development of an appropriate organisational culture and appropriate individual practice. The paper identifies the OECD-European Commission Guiding Framework for Entrepreneurial Universitiesas providing key pillars and component measures which have been incorporated into the entrepreneurial university evaluation tool HEInnovate, which may provide direction for the TU4D project. The paper concludes with two sections which draw together the work of the Industry, Business and Employer Engagement (IBEE) Workgroup in developing a number of Organisation Principles together with their implications for organisational design within the specific context of the TU4D. The final section proposes a development process to transform TU4D into an entrepreneurial university.