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Gómez-Aguilella M.J., Cardiff, J., Destination Satisfaction in Senior Tourism: A Case Study, INNODOCT: Conference on Innovation, Documentation and Teaching Technologies, Valencia, Spain, 2019


In this paper, we present a study which analyzes the experiences of elderly people, when travelling as tourists to specific destinations. With this specific profile we searched results that help us to determine their prospects in tourism. The research is also focused on a specific country, Ireland, although cross-cultural studies are being developed in Spain. The surveys are carried out in three touristic places chosen because of their popularity with our target audience. We conduct a survey in which we elicited the expectations that exist before visiting that destination regarding the perceived reputation of that tourist destination and of the quality of the services offered. These aspects also relate to the degree of hospitality of its inhabitants. This allows us to determine the tourist experience in the destination, focusing on the emotions of the visitor to the destination and of the level of disconnect from everyday life that is achieved. We establish the degree to which their feelings on the destination are discussed in social networks – an important point as this group have not traditionally used social media to a significant degree. We try to establish by means of a quantitative study the tourist profile of these people of advanced age, which is an area of research that has received little attention to date. For this reason, the study reveals knowledge of a new visitor profile in tourist destinations, determined by the experience lived.


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